Insert Panel (INS)

A fixed unit that can be directly and permanently fitted to a primary window or door. . Alternatively, this unit can be fitted with turnbuckle releases to enable removal for cleaning and maintenance

  • Slim, unobtrusive aluminium profile
  • Most economical secondary system in the range
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Improved noise and thermal installation
  • Enhanced security
  • Suitable for arched, shaped and bespoke applications
  • Ideal for use where space is limited — i.e behind shutter
  • Glazing options: 4mm – 6.8mm
  • 16mm x 24mm aluminium insert section — no timber subframe
  • Pre-drilled for face fix only
  • Woolpile inserted into panel section groove to create outer frame seal
  • Gasket colour option of black or white
  • Standard colour white high gloss — RAL 9910

Variations of Basic Unit
  • Removable using small lightweight turn buttons to create fixing around the perimeter (maximum 10kg weight)
  • Side hung unit created with small lightweight plastic hinges and turn button to close (maximum 10kg weight)
  • Subframe mounted using a 20mm x 21mm timber, which can be utilised with fixed, turn buttons or hinged option
  • Variety of stock colours available, including all RAL options
  • Can accept flyscreen mesh
Insert Panel (INS)

Insert Panel